Our Process

Step 1: Strategize.

We understand your ideal website is one that’s perfectly tailored for you. So we strive to create a unique online experience for our clients that reflects their personality, plays to their strengths, and accomplishes their goals.

We believe that your website is much more than alluring aesthetics, that’s why we approach every project from a business perspective rather than solely an artistic one.

Combining stunning visuals with strategic solutions allows you to spark more productive connections with your customers. Other designers can give you a site that works, but you can trust CQ to craft one that excels. We accomplish this by considering every nuance and intricacy to provide your website with a stunning look and even stronger performance.

You start by filling out a simple form (takes about 5 minutes). This is to help us get the necessary information about your business, products and services.

Step 2: Develop.

You won’t find another web development company that works harder to produce unique websites that make people stop and take notice.

We know your business wants something compelling and that’s why we’ll never settle for, or create, anything less.

Based on the information you provide in the first step we come up with a few design samples to ensure that we understand your requirements clearly.

Once you finalize a design from one of our mockups we get started on the next iteration.

Step 3: Launch.

With all the care we put into our work, we’d never leave one to languish in cyberspace. Instead, we install analytics prior to launch that allow us to track your site popularity and make improvements based on actual usage.

By making these on-the-go adjustments, we make sure you get the maximum performance out of your website. For many companies today, this adaptability is the difference between their success and failure online.

Step 4: Optimization and Growth.

We understand that without traffic, even the most gorgeous website won’t help your bottom line.

We also understand that getting to the top of the search engine results isn’t a one-step process. Strong keywords won’t get you far without site ranking and search traffic growth. That’s why we think beyond the launch, maintaining analytics and ranking reports to make sure the trajectory for your site is always looking up.

We’re always exploring innovative and sustainable techniques to improve your website’s search engine rankings. Because search engine algorithms are constantly changing,

We must always be thinking one step ahead. We’ll never use ‘tactics’ that boost short-term results only to let you down later on. We develop ethical, digital marketing strategies that improve search rank consistently while withstanding the test of time.